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The HC Company

The HC Company is a professional company that produces high-quality process hole sealing and fluid control products. With a complete range of products, Hongchuang provides comprehensive and professional sealing and fluid control solutions for global clients.

Wherever high-reliability and safe sealing and fluid control technology are needed, whether it’s in the automotive industry, transportation industry, hydraulic industry, energy industry, construction industry, high-precision electronics industry, or medical equipment industry, there are Hongchuang’s high-performance solutions. we provide the most reliable solutions for the key points of your products.

The HC Company not only provides standardized products and components but also puts more emphasis on providing better solutions through close cooperation with clients, especially when clients have special requirements.

Development course

A sustainable, innovative local enterprise

Continued focus on optimal solutions for the sealing of process holes and local supplier of miniature metal flow control components

Being a consistent and stable suppliers for 1200+ clients

IATF 16949 quality certification and high volume, automated production and local supply capability


Founded in 2013, Hongchuang is a professional company that produces high quality process hole blocking and fluid control products.


Hongchuang started to produce plugs, introduced ERP management system and started to involve in hydraulic, automotive, precision, aviation, railway and other industries.


The microfluidic range of products was developed and successfully put into production.


The company has sold 500 million plugs and has more than 1200 clients, exported to Europe, America, Japan and Russia.


Domestic sealing products and microfluidic products have become the primary choice of our clients, with annual sales exceeding 100 million.